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Posts Tagged ‘Obama and Katrina’

Day 1… Slam Bush for Katrina

Posted by rightwinger on January 21, 2009

Day 1… Obama’s White House slams Bush about Katrina.  There is only one problem Obama is part of the problem.  How?  Well when several bills were up to divert the funds from pork barrel projects to shore up the levies in New Orleans, Obama voted for the funds to go to pork barrel projects.

…[Tom] Coburn twice proposed measures that would have pulled money from legislator’s pet projects – for example, a baseball stadium in Montana and a visitor’s center in Morgan City, Louisiana – in order to redirect the cash toward shoring up levees in New Orleans and rebuilding the city.  Obama voted against the reform position on both of those occasions, and in favor of the pet projects

When Coburn proposed an amendment redirecting funds from the infamous “Bridge to Nowhere” in Alaska to reconstruction of the Twin Spans bridge in New Orleans, Democratic senators Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, Evan Bayh of Indiana, and Feingold were all willing to stand with him against the pork-barrellers.  … Obama voted with eighty-one of his Senate colleagues against New Orleans and in favor of the Bridge to Nowhere.   ( The Case Against Barack Obama, p. 94-95)

Let’s talk about Katrina.  Yes it was a catastrophe.  Having lived in the Gulf Coast and near the East Coast my whole life, I know about hurricanes and evacuations.  The US cannot plan for the worse case scenerio of all catastrophes. The reality is that people were asked to evacuate and many did not.  The mayor of New Orleans had an evacuation plan, but never followed it.  Any one that knows anything about New Orleans knows it is below sea level.  Flooding in an area such as this will be worse than other areas.  The last hurricane that hit Galveston was deadly also, but did they sit around and blame Bush?  No.  They evacuated and did what was required.  Of course there are always some people who refuse to evacuate. When this happens they are taking their own loves into their own hands.  To blame Bush for Katrina and not rebuilding the area is ridiculous.  I love the way BHO blames Bush when he voted against funds going to New Orleans.


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