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What Islam is Not

Posted by rightwinger on January 16, 2009

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Americans need to wake up and understand that Radical Islam is a threat to our very existence.  We can never allow Sharia law or Islamic ghettos where Muslims only have their schools and children are unable to socialize with children of other beliefs.  This is wrong any way you look at it.  Political correctness and appeasement will not fix this problem.  Radical Islam is THE THREAT to the world as we know it today.  Sorry libs its NOT global warming, its radical ISLAM.  If Muslims want to live in the US, then they have to integrate with us and live under our laws.  That’s it period.  In researching my book The Link, I found an interesting Congressional hearing titled “9/11 FIVE YEARS LATER: GAUGING ISLAMIST TERRORISM” from September 7, 2006 that describes how to defeat radical Islam. A major way is first to call out Radical Islam and not be politically correct.   These people want one thing, the complete domination and destruction of the Western World as we know.  Just think of it as the Taliban taking control of every country in the world.


In War Footing, we offer a number of specific recommendations about how America

could implement such strategies at this juncture. They include the following:

1. Stop evading the issue. No government strategy to date for the so-called ‘‘War

on Terror’’ has included political warfare as an element of the American arsenal.

2. Devise, staff up, and begin executing a political warfare strategy. Countering the

Islamofascist ideology must be its principal focus.

3. De-legitimize Islamist extremism in the eyes of Muslims, and especially its potential

supporters. We need to show that, although violent Islamism is certainly a

problem for us in the West, it is a vastly greater problem for the Muslim community.

• Challenge the Islamists on religious grounds. Many Muslim leaders teach the

message of civility and tolerance, and their voices need to be amplified. We

can help call attention to contradictions between Islamism and the Koran, on

such matters as prohibitions of violence against Muslims; relations between

Muslims and ‘‘people of the book’’ (Jews and Christians); the ban on compulsion

in religion; the doctrine of jihad; the rules of war; killing of innocent civilians,

prohibition of suicide, and so forth.

• Expose economic disaster. There is ample evidence that Islamism, and its imposition

of Shari’a law, results in crippling limitations to economic development,

and thus to the socioeconomic well-being of Muslims. Relevant cases

are Pakistan, Iran, Sudan, and Nigeria.

• Celebrate educational opportunity. Radical Islam has a strongly negative effect

on educational standards, due to its narrow emphasis on Koranic instruction

which fails to equip graduates with any practical job skills, destining

them for jihad or unemployment. Where Islamists hold sway, an erosion in

quality similarly afflicts what had been secular educational systems. There is

evidence, moreover, that with the proliferation of madrassa education, functional

illiteracy is spreading, and literacy rates for women are stagnating.

Any serious effort at political warfare must emphasize the huge costs to societies

that do not fully use the talents of half of their population.

• Emphasize progress. Shari’a-ruled countries exhibit a strong bias against

science and technology education, to the huge detriment of their economic de-

Arab world has yet to join the Industrial Revolution—let alone the Information

Revolution—and that it neither produces much scientific literature nor

carries out real research. A successful political warfare strategy must highlight

this key failure by documenting the numerous religious prohibitions and

restrictions on scientific and technological pursuit imposed by Islamist ideology.

• Enshrine human rights. The regular and officially sanctioned abuse of basic

human rights in Shari’a-dominated countries is yet another glaring Islamist

misdeed that needs to be exposed. Such abuse includes the widespread judicial

and customary discrimination and outright mistreatment of women, from

uncivilized practices such as forced marriages to truly inhumane treatment

such as genital mutilation and ‘‘honor’’ killings. Virtually all of these extreme

Islamist tenets and practices stand in direct contradiction to the UN Universal

Declaration of Human Rights—an international human rights standard

to which all of the Shari’a-dominated countries nominally adhere.

4. Use legislative vehicles for political warfare. Congress has an important role to

play. The groundbreaking 1972 Jackson-Vanik Amendment made favorable trade relations

with the Soviet Union contingent on its permitting free emigration. Under

the leadership of the remarkable Senator Henry M. Jackson, this legislation proved

to be a powerful congressionally created political weapon, one that was used to decisive

effect in de-legitimizing totalitarian Soviet Communism. Sanctions legislation

and assistance to democratic opposition movements can serve a similar purpose in

the War for the Free World.

5. Use our strengths. The good news is that Americans are among the world’s experts

at political warfare. The bad news is that we mainly use it against each other:

After all, the strategies and tactics of any hard-fought election campaign are precisely

the stuff of applied political warfare. The talent, creativity, ingenuity, and,

yes, ruthlessness of top-flight political campaign strategists of both parties should

be mustered for the purpose of fighting our enemies and helping our friends rather

than fighting each other.

The model for such an effort is the ‘‘dollar-a-year man,’’ the highly skilled privatesector

leaders who volunteered their services to the government to assist in the

World War II effort. With this kind of help, we could quickly be well on the way

to building a national political warfare capability.

6. Invest in the instruments of political warfare, including public diplomacy. Public

diplomacy, intended to influence perceptions, attitudes, and actions abroad, must

be viewed as a form of political warfare. We have been dramatically underfunding

an important area of natural American expertise and capability: multimedia communications

aimed at foreign audiences. As part of our War Footing strategy, we

must stop nickel-and-diming our international broadcasting operations. All too frequently

in recent years, we have increased transmission to one region at the expense

of reducing it to another.

An immediate and sweeping ramp-up of our international broadcasting capabilities

is needed to provide high-quality programming:

• Voice of America; ‘‘free radios’’; new services like Radio Sawa and Al Hurra;

and support for the extremely effective private-sector broadcasts (for example,

those beamed into Iran from Los Angeles and more innovative, sometimes

covertly sponsored forms).

• A range of formats (television, satellite, AM/FM or shortwave radio or both,

and the Internet).

• Operating twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, where appropriate.

• Serving every country currently or potentially under assault from Islamism.

The cost of such an ambitious undertaking—though appreciably greater than the

stingy investment we are making in international communications today—pales by

comparison with the costs of military warfare. The investment will be well repaid

if it helps us protect and expand the Free World against the Islamists and their

friends, without resorting to further use of military force.

7. Use the Internet as a tool of political warfare. In particular, the power of creative

Web sites,Webcasting, and blogging should be aggressively exploited.

8. Strengthen the CIA clandestine services, and authorize and fund them for longterm

strategic political warfare.

9. Grant the Department of Defense the primary responsibility for political warfare.

Just as the State Department leads in public diplomacy, the ‘‘warfare’’ side of

communications is legitimately a Pentagon function and must not be assigned to our


10. Don’t forget political warfare in non-Islamist areas. The United States must

combat adversarial political warfare wherever it arises, even in countries traditionally

considered friendly. Despite their differences, the United States and Germany

continue to have strong political, economic, cultural, and military ties. Yet the Socialist/

Green coalition ruling Germany during the first years of the war went out

of bounds in its differences with U.S. policy—to the point of deliberately undermining

American security interests for the sake of political gain in domestic elections.

When politicians cross the line between opposition and sabotage, the United

States must have capabilities to battle them politically.

11. Reinforce and strengthen our friends. By demonstrating that there are not only

consequences for opposing us, but also real and tangible benefits from supporting

us, we can maximize the chances of our success. Critical in this regard is the American

commitment to the continued survival of one of the most exposed countries of

the Free World: Israel.



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Let Mumbai be a Reminder – Islamic Terrorism is alive and well

Posted by rightwinger on December 2, 2008

Let’s not live in a pre-9/11 fog.  The truth is that Islamic Terrorism is alive and well.  Islamic terrorists don’t compromise.  Making nice with terrorists will just enable them further.  Look at Iran and how Carter dealt with them. The next Terrorist attack on US soil is on Obama.  Bush kept us safe since 9/11.  Now Obama thinks that if we grow the Middle East from the bottom up, Islamic terrorism will go away.   Obama has not once said Islamic terrorists are a threat to the US.  He has NO understanding of what we are up against.  The Islamic terrorists will not stop until all countries of the world are Muslim and under Sharia law.

Here is Obama on radical Islam, July 13, 2008:

there has been a shift in Islam that I believe is connected to the failures of governments and the failures of the West to work with many of these countries, in order to make sure that opportunities are there, that there’s bottom-up economic growth.

Read the full article

From the author of Milestones, the Islamic jihadist’s manifesto says:

“The basis of the message is that one should accept the sharia without any question and reject all other laws in any shape or form. This is Islam. There is no other meaning of Islam.”
– Seyyid Qutb

From The Link: The Secret Relationship between Saddam and al Qaida:

Qutb states that sharia is the Divine Law that needs to be established on the earth while abolishing all man-made laws. Individuals can only be truly Muslim by submitting themselves to sharia. “Sharia of God is meant everything legislated by God for ordering man’s life; it includes the principles of belief, principles of administration and justice, principles of morality and human relationships, and principles of knowledge.”61  Qutb specifically chastises Muslim’s who compromise and do not whole heartedly accept sharia in all forms: political, social, economic, religious, and legal.”

“Democracy in the West has become infertileto such an extent that it is borrowing from the systems of the Eastern bloc,  especially in the economic system, under the name of socialism.”

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