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Historical Tax Rates

Historical Top US Marginal Income Tax Rates

Here’s a blast from the past. Do you ever think how high taxes can go? They can’t get any higher can they? Take a look at this:

Now look closely at the change in tax rates when Reagan got into office in 1981-1989.

Check your tax rates


3 Responses to “Historical Tax Rates”

  1. […] Historical Tax Rates […]

  2. […] Historical Tax Rates […]

  3. This Site Needs Footnotes said

    Guess what?
    Reagan (quietly) raised taxes as well as soon as the government needed spending money.
    Guess what else?
    Historians widely agree that the Reagan era was simply enjoying the benefits from the programs that Carter and Volcker established in the 70s.
    Supply-side/trickle down economics DOES NOT WORK. We have been shown this time and time again as conservatives continue to test it out.

    Governments need money to provide for their people.

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