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Archive for the ‘Governor Easley’ Category

Blagojevich Corruption, Now what about NC Governor Easley?

Posted by rightwinger on December 11, 2008

We all know about Illinois Governor Blagojevich being arrested on corruption charges.  Blagojevich used his position for personal gain and so has Easley.  Now what about NC Governor Easley?  He  and his wife have been involved with numerous scandals including sweetheart real estate deals and special position for his wife at a state university.  These are just the beginning:

Easley Got Pricey Lot at Bargain Rate

Questions Surround Mary Easley’s NCSU Job

Clues Point to Secret Easley Air Service

Easley Ends Suit, Gets House Deal

Numerous media outlets sue Easley over multiple and ‘systematic’ violations of the NC Public Records Law

First lady given pay increase of nearly $80,000 for N.C. State job

Easley to NC Mayors: Stick It!

Provost Says He Acted Alone in Hiring

Berry Wants Marina Owners Known

Easley Thwarts Berry Request

SAS Has Role in Marina Deal

Board Dismisses Easley Complaint

Easley contradicts evidence over his role in political firing at DHHS

Easley accused of ordering destruction of records to protect self

State was warned on mental health billing

Campbell: “Most Damaging Audit” on illegal schemes for Medicaid-2004

Easley, Basnight Manipulate Golden LEAF, Papers Show

Law At Issue In Slush Fund Grants

State Getting Sued Again

Sewell quits DOT board; His property got road work’s

Evans’s Property Deal Appears Lucrative

Another Pay To Pave Scandal

Easley employs force and intimidation against opponents

Over 10 Media groups Sue N.C. Governor Over E-mails

Ethics panel, auditor at odds

Politicians Giving Us the Devil

“One-Time Money” Keeps

Key Officials Question Tech Changes


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