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Veer Right Transitioning

Posted by rightwinger on January 26, 2009

Veer Right will still be a WordPress blog, but is being transitioned to a site.  You will still be able to connect to  During the transition, the web site may not look the same while I move everything to its new site.  Just check back in a day or two if this happens.  I started this blog as a hobby Spring 2008 because of the obvious bias in the media for Barack Obama.  I felt that if I didn’t speak up, how could the truth be known.  I ended up reading the Pentagon report on Saddam released March 2008 and realized that the media again has suppressed the truth.  I wrote an article about it that was published on American Thinker.  After delving into the sourced Iraqi memos and transcripts,  I realized I could write a book.  The editor at American Thinker introduced me to a literary agent, and I wrote my first book.  Now my blog has turned into a part time job.  Please keep checking back with Veer Right about the truth behind the issues and main stream media propaganda.


Veer Right


One Response to “Veer Right Transitioning”

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