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Stimulus not to go to White Males!!!

Posted by rightwinger on January 22, 2009

Ok.  I’m not a white male, but this is racism.  Color does not have ANYTHING to do with layoffs.  In fact three white people who are US citizens were just laid off at my company while a department full of Indians on Visas from India stayed employed.  This is racism.  Lay off the white US citizens while our jobs go to H1b Indians on Visas.  All things considered I was more qualified than most of the people in my department and I was the ONLY CERTIFIED person in my department.  I being a WHITE US Citizen was laid off.  This is disgusting.  This is RACISM plain and simple, but now its racism against whites.  Now Congress is spewing this racist garbage.  I thought this country moved forward and put racism to rest with the election of Obama.  Oh no, if Congress is going to spew this garbage we’ve just gone back 30 years.

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