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Pro-Hamas, Pro-Nazi Protests ignored by MSM

Posted by rightwinger on January 5, 2009

Around the world pro-Hamas groups are protesting.   The MSM is not showing the pro-Nazi aspect of the pro-Hamas protests.   The below protest took place in Chicago of all places.  I went to CNN to see if they are covering any of these protests.  Nope nothing there just more jibberish about how its all Israel’s falt.  The borders were created long ago and must be accepted by the world.  If the American Indians suddenly started using their Reservations to shoot bombs and missiles at American civilians, what do you think the US would do?  Hamas is a terrorist organization started by Abdullah Azzam.  Azzam was also the original founder of al Qaida. [Inside al Qaeda by Rohan Gunaratna, p. 28] In addition, Hamas is a Nazi organization. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a well known anti-Semitic propaganda book that was accepted as the gospel by the Nazi’s during World War II.  Hamas has incorporated the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in Article 32 of the charters of Hamas. Israel is first, next up the Western World.  Great Britain already has 5 Sharia law courts.  AIG is selling Sharia compliant Insurance in the US.  If you think radical Islam that refuses to accept other religions and cultures will meld with the West you are wrong.  These people won’t negotiate.  Seyyid Qutb wrote Milestones which is considered the Islamic jihadists manifesto.

“The basis of the message is that one should accept the sharia without any question and reject all other laws in any shape or form. This is Islam. There is no other meaning of Islam.”

Seyyid Qutb




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