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Steven Chu – Big Mistake as Energy Director

Posted by rightwinger on December 17, 2008

Hold on to your wallets people because you will be taxed for breathing.  Oh yes CO2 will be made a pollutant under Obama.  So that vapor tax cut you are getting from Obama which is actually just that you get to keep your Bush tax cut will not come close to the high energy, food, and goods prices you are about to encounter.  I wonder how Obama is going to blame Bush for his own stupidity on this Global Warming fiasco.  Its snowing in Houston and New Orleans and they continue to claim the planet is warming!   I guess Obama’s team had better tell Mother Nature its suppose to be getting hotter not colder, so your Global Warming junk science would at least appear to be correct.

Barack Obama’s apparent choice for Energy secretary is physicist Steven Chu. While there’s no question about Chu’s brilliance, his political activism is not what the country needs….

He has criticized “free market forces” for not cutting carbon dioxide emissions and supports “a combination of fiscal policies and downright regulations” for controlling CO2.

He claims coal — which today fuels hundreds of power plants — is an “obstacle to progress,” and has said “coal is my worst nightmare.” And he shows an alarmist’s fear of global warming.

Chu is also a zealous advocate of alternative energy, using his position as director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California to push policymakers to remake the facility into a center for researching biofuels and solar energy.

An opponent of coal who happens to be a global warming reactionary is not suitable to be in charge of the nation’s energy policy.

Our economy, our culture — our very lives — depend on a steady flow of conventional energy, at least until economically viable alternatives can be developed. The energy secretary should do little more than ensure that America has a plentiful and uninterrupted supply of fossil fuels and electricity.

Read the full article

Listen to how green tariffs will depress your standard of living. Interviewee: Sebastian Mallaby , Director, Center for Geoeconomic studies, Council of Foreign Relations


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