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Is it the president’s job to endorse criminal activity?

Posted by rightwinger on December 9, 2008

What does a Community Agitator, I mean Organizer who becomes president do?  Well he sides with people who are breaking the law of course.

From Investor’s Business Daily:

Barack Obama is encouraging laid-off workers who are occupying a shut-down window and door factory to continue their sit-in. Is it the president’s job to endorse criminal activity?

As many as 200 former workers at the Republic Windows & Doors plant in Chicago are refusing to leave the premises until they get the severance and vacation pay they say is owed them. They have been there since Friday, three days after the company told them it was closing the factory. The owners say their line of credit has been canceled, monthly sales have declined from $4 million to $2.9 million, and they cannot keep the business running.

The workers have a point. The company must make every effort to live up to the commitments it made to each employee on the day they began work.

What the employees don’t have, though, is a right to effectively seize property they don’t own. While their restraint — they haven’t destroyed anything nor engaged in violence — is commendable, their demands likely legitimate, their invasion is no different from that of a burglar who breaks into a home. Both have violated owners’ property rights and infringed on the sanctity of private quarters.

This is not a difficult principle — or law — to understand, and it is certainly one worth defending. Without it, civilization convulses and descends into anarchy. Yet the president-elect has sided with the workers’ unlawful behavior, saying “they’re absolutely right.”

Obama’s decision to ally himself with civic disorder is poor precedent and downright unpresidential. If he believes the workers deserve the pay they are demanding, he is free to say so. He has no place, however, to support anyone’s decision to trespass on another’s property. To advocate offenses against society is to legitimize them.


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