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Clinton nomination anti-constitutional?

Posted by rightwinger on November 26, 2008

Now is MS”OBama”NBC priming the pump so to speak to bring light that its unconstitutional for Hillary to be Secretary of State, but we’ll do it anyway and just lower the salary of the position to get around the Constitution.  Obama’s team knows that on December 5 the Supreme Court is going to review whether it is constitutional for Obama to be considered a natural born citizen as described in Article II of the Constitution.  I think this story just shows how the media is going to try to spin the December 5th ruling if it goes against Obama.   I can hear David Axelrod now – ‘so about that eligibility to be the President of the United States, it doesn’t really matter. The people voted and the Constitution is an over 200 year old document, so this once we’ll just overlook the Constitution.’  This God given Constitution that was written by our founders and made this country the greatest nation on the face of the earth.  If Barack Obama stays President of the United States, this country will be a banana republic.

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