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Posted by rightwinger on November 19, 2008

George Orwell warned of a the masses flocking to a cult figure like Obama.  I read 1984 as required reading in high school in the 1980’s.  Now 1984 is a banned book from the public school system.  No wonder 1984 has been banned.  This way Obamabots will follow an image, a say nothing figure that allows everyones dreams and desires resonate.  An image, a myth to lead us into the next Great Depression while he empowers himself.  Obamabots let’s see how you feel by November 4, 2009.  The media can only hide so much.  When food is 3 or 4 times the cost because of ethanol and cap and trade that drives energy costs up, you will feel different about your messiah.

Orwell’s children — a new generation of creature enraged into constant militancy against eternal enemies, oblivious to the notion of a Blessed Creator, melded into the consciousness of the party hive, divorced from history, hypnotized by images, inoculated against reason, stripped of family, and existing only to serve the cause.

Orwell did not write his book in a vacuum.  1984 describes the Soviet Union (the book describes Stalinist Russia so well so that subjects of that evil empire wondered when Orwell had lived there, though he had just described what he saw from the outside.)  1984 also describes Nazism and every other odious totalitarianism, which its secret police and propaganda machine and atomized subjects.  But Orwell was very much also writing about the democratic western nations.  His book was a warning of what could happen here.   Oceania, the only totalitarian superstate actually descried in 1984, was largely America and the British Empire.

There were specific elements necessary for nations with a heritage of freedom to slide into the most absolute and abject slavery.  These elements existed in Nazi Germany, they existed in Soviet Russia, and they exist in our free democracies today.  What are the characteristics of the Orwellian state?

Start with God.  He must go.  The great Russian novelists knew this:   “Without God, everything is permitted.”  In Oceania, God simply does not exist.  The Nazis bragged that they would raise a generation  “…without ever having heard of the Sermon on the Mount or the Golden Rule, to say nothing of the Ten Commandments.”  The Soviet persecuted anyone who followed the God of Jews and Christians.  God is hounded in our world today.  A generation of Orwell’s Children are growing up without thinking about God at all or thinking that God is a silly idea cherished by sillier old fogies.

Truth must go too.  Nazis embraced the “Big Lie.”  Soviets denied that honesty, per se, mattered.  In Orwell’s Oceania, the Inner Party members learn to even lie to themselves and to hold utterly contradictory beliefs at the same time.  Truth and honesty have little meaning to Orwell’s Children in our world.  All truth is relative, all honesty a sham.

Orwell even told us, by name, the professionals who would lead us into the nightmare of 1984: “sociologists,” “teachers,” “bureaucrats,” “journalists,” “professional politicians,” “scientists,” “trade union organizers,” “publicity experts,” and “technicians.”  (The term “community organizer” was unknown to him.)  Those who enslave were those who taught students, who created the news, who sat in the halls of government power, and who defined official “truth” (at least truth de jour.)

Orwell’s Children live among us now, not in tiny numbers in weird Marxist cults like Jim Jones’ People Temple, but as leaders of Congress, as the establishment of academia, as the producers of news and entertainment, as the administrators of public schools, as the “experts” in a thousand myriad and odd fields of putative “expertise.”   They infatuate our bored children with the only reality and the only diversion that many can find.  They wait for the rest of us to grow older and to die.

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3 Responses to “Obamabots”

  1. maynerd said

    And you did not see anything Bush did as Orwellian? Secret laws, legalized torture, suspension of habeous corpus, and more? Do you honestly think things would be any better with another Republican administration? The truth is the whole system is broken and nothing is going to change. Just more corporate fascism and imperialism. It’s corporatism that is widening the gap between rich and poor and poisoning our politics.

  2. rightwinger said

    Terrorists are considered foreign nationals. They have no rights under the US Constitution.

    Amendment XI

    “The judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States by citizens of another state, or by citizens or subjects of any foreign state.”

    When did water boarding become torture? It suddenly became torture when it was applied under Bush to foreign nationals. Let’s talk about real torture like the torture Saddam executed on his prisoners. From The Link: The Secret Relationship between Saddam and al Qaida:

    “The interrogation tactics of Saddam were not simply questioning these individuals. Saddam had 107 different torture techniques. Everything from setting victims limbs on fire to putting them in ice cold cells naked and allowing their limbs to freeze. Rape of the person being interrogated or the rape of their relatives was routinely carried out in Saddam’s torture chambers. These were the torture chambers of Saddam and how he dealt with his enemies.”

    Widening the gap between poor and rich is only because of the out of control illegal immigration which is making the numbers look like the gap is widening. Check this out to see how well off Americans have been under Bush.

    Stop believing the MSM and do your own research. One year from today when wild global warming taxes are enacted and food and energy prices skyrocket and every American’s standard of living plummets, you tell me how bad things were under Bush. I’m seeing my American Dream slip away because of an idiot who would rather send $850 billion to Africa than prosecute Franklin Raines and Jamie Gorelick for cooking the books at Fannie Mae. A president who wants to enact taxes on gas, so it will be $3.50 a gallon instead of $2. A president who said we as Americans eat too much, can’t have our A/C at 72, can’t have the lights in our house on a lot, and can’t drive SUVs. When food and energy prices skyrocket maybe you obamabots will wake up from your drunken stuper.

  3. maynerd said

    First thing, I don’t drink. Second, neither Obama nor McCain represent me. That is to say, there is not really a political party that represents me. Third, I barely watch TV and do not read the paper. I don’t have cable so I am not able to view MSM channels like Fox News and CNN.

    The fact is the president can deem me, a moral law abiding contributing citizen, an enemy combatant and lock me up indefinately without due process for writing this if he decided to. As you indicated once I am deemed a terrorist I am no longer a citizen.

    I’m not sure if you realize it but this year gas went up to $4 a gallon. It’s now down to half that because of a failing economy. Also despite your reports that Americans are doing slightly better people are losing their jobs, our jobs have been outsourced, food prices are rising, and Americans are not able to buy those SUV’s you love so much anyway. And Obama is not in office yet. And yet you are already helping to set the groundwork to blame him for everything that is about to happen. This is one reason why many conservatives have left the GOP this year. It’s been poisoned and no longer represents them. Republicans are mean, democrats are weak, we need a new system.

    These things have been building since Reagan and Clinton and Bush made it worse and it will get worse under Obama. That’s just the way it is. It’s a corporatocracy. Having McCain in office would not make a difference.

    I’m not sure why you are so beholden to your SUV’s, cheap gas, and thermostat set to 72. These things seem trivial compared to liberty, freedom, family, etc… Seems like people would be willing to do without if they must for awhile. Afterall you can’t take it with you. During WW2, Americans made all kinds of sacrifices for the common good that we have a fit about today.

    I think waterboarding qualifies as torture. If you don’t think it is then I suggest you use it next time you need to discipline a child. Couldn’t hurt if it is not torture right?

    “Torture, according to the United Nations Convention Against Torture, is “any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him, or a third person, information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a third person, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind, when such pain or suffering is inflicted by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity.”

    You waterboarding argument is a fallacy of equivocation. Just because Saddam did something worse does not make it right for us to do something not as severe. You are trying to redidefine torture to include only the most gruesome acts.

    Oh well, I know I’m talking to a party line spouting idealogue. Your arguments, although back by pieces of evidence placed out of context, are really the old appeals to emotion.

    I wish you and yours well in the upcoming years. It won’t be easy.

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