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Gordon Brown says cut taxes now

Posted by rightwinger on November 17, 2008

Gordon Brown says all industrialized nations need to cut taxes now!!!  Let’s see how brilliant Obama is.  In Obama’s first news conference, he gave a campaign slogan when asked whether taxes would be raised.

Gordon Brown tonight called on the world’s most powerful industrial nations to agree a programme of immediate and coordinated tax cuts to prevent the global economy sliding deeper into recession.

Arriving in New York for this weekend’s unprecedented gathering of the leaders of the world’s leading 20 economies, the prime minister said the need for a “fiscal stimulus” both for the UK economy and the world had increased after an autumn in which accelerating job losses had intensified fears of a deep and lasting slump.

Brown proposed a four-point plan which he hopes will win support at tomorrow’s summit and help tackle the most severe financial crisis for 90 years.

“By acting now we can stimulate growth in all our economies,” he said. “There is a need for urgency. The cost of inaction will be far greater than the cost of any action.”

Read the article for yourself.


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