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The Coming Obama Depression?

Posted by rightwinger on November 15, 2008

Peter Schiff’s predictions about our current and future economy is uncanny.  Add to this the fact that Obama still intends to raise taxes even though we are in the midst of a recession leads me to believe even more that an Obama depression is looming.  The shocking fact is that Obama was complicit in the sub prime mortgage crisis because he represented ACORN to sue banks for not making subprime loans. Once in the Senate he along with the black caucus and Dems continued to stonewall the Republicans and prevented any reforms from passing while Franklin Raines made $90 million and Jamie Gorelick made $24 million while Fannie Mae cooked the books.  America you just voted the fox into the hen house!

This next video is almost unbelievable, but may be true.  Gerald Celente warns of the following by 2012:

1. America will be the first undeveloped country
2. Revolution, food shortages, riots, marches
3. Food instead of gifts for Christmas

The scary thing is that Gerald Celente correctly forecasted the 1987 stock market crash, the dot-com bubble, the housing bubble.  Watch this video and see how bad Obama is going to screw up the US economy.


3 Responses to “The Coming Obama Depression?”

  1. curi0us0nefromthe60s said

    Thanks for posting this. This was incredibly interesting to watch.

  2. Rick said

    If the economy melts down, not even the Amish will be safe, also, you will see our government committing some of the same atrocities that the Nazi’s did. Example: executing in-mates in our nation’s prisons.

  3. Joe said

    Just something for those drinking the Obama Kool-Aid. After the election, our facility in another city had to close. Only six on staff, but hey, six people is six people. Those funding us backed out on November 5 out of concerns with Obama as our eventual President. A project employing up to 72 at the main facility, is now down to 6 spread across 3 cities, meaning 2 per city. What was going to be a 6 year contract might last only a year for these few people. Our I.T. has cut costs in half, and 25% of our workforce will be out of a job by July. Since I.T. is funded by those departments, the sole remaining I.T. person will have to take a 25% cut in pay. My department alone (maintenance) will be reduced to just me.

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