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Obama’s No Energy Plan

Posted by rightwinger on November 14, 2008

Since our energy issues have not been dealt with properly we are on the edge of having black outs and brown outs.  When Bush took office, he tried to aggressively pursue energy, but was stalled by environmentalists.  Here we are again without being energy independent.  Obama only wants to invest in green energy which may or may no work.  Get ready for brownout and blackouts.  Remember Obama himself said we can no longer keep our AC at 72 degrees, drive SUVs, or eat as much. Remember Obama’s energy plan is to inflate your tires.

A new study released this week highlights what experts have been saying for years:  the U.S. faces significant risk of power brownouts and blackouts as early as next summer that may cost tens of billions of dollars and threaten lives.

The study, “Lights Out In 2009?” warns that the U.S. “faces potentially crippling electricity brownouts and blackouts beginning in the summer of 2009, which may cost tens of billions of dollars and threaten lives.”

“If particularly vulnerable regions, like the Western U.S., experience unusually hot temperatures for prolonged periods of time in 2009, the potential for local brownouts or blackouts is high, with significant risk that local disruptions could cascade into regional outages that could cost the economy tens of billions of dollars,” the report warned.

Read the full article for yourself.


One Response to “Obama’s No Energy Plan”

  1. jacque said

    Interesting. But I think that Obaba’s energy plan goes a bit further than tire air pressure. Check out this video of aspeach he gave recentlyregarding his energy plan

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