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Sending a Signal?

Posted by rightwinger on November 11, 2008

Its interesting Michelle Obama chose this dress for her election night dress.  We know BHO was born into a  Marxist family. I think the new Marxist President is sending a signal to communists everywhere.  The sad part is think of all the people who fought and died to protect this great nation from communism.  Now we just elected one to the Presidency.  Even more scary is this 1963 Hearing on Communism and their goals for this great nation. Look carefully at number 15.


Now look at the anarchist communist flag:


Red and black is most commonly used by anarcho-syndicalists, anarcho-communists and libertarian-left unions or labour activists.
Matthias Speer, 05 Feb 2003

First used by anarchists during the Spanish Civil War: The red flag of socialism (Confederación Nacional del Trabajo) and the black flag of anarchism (Federación Anarquista Ibérica). The red and black colours are also often used by the syndicalism movement [trade unionism].
Marcus Wendel, 16 Aug 1999

The red and black flag goes from bottom left to top right, with red on top and black on bottom. The red is the red of the communist flag, and symbolises material equality, or the principle of «from each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs». The black is the black of the anarchist flag, and symbolises social freedom, the freedom of each individual to do as they please so long as their actions don’t cause harm to others. Together red and black symbolise libertarian communism. It goes diagonally as a negation of nationalism and a reaffirmation of internationalism.
Ben, 02 Feb 2000


10 Responses to “Sending a Signal?”

  1. Anonymous said

    Anarchists and Marxists have a strained history with eachother, both fought the other in the Spanish Civil War, mostly because the Commies are backstabbers.

    Liberals are capitalists, Anarchists are anti capitalist.

    • Anonymous said

      what are liberal anarchists? i’m wondering now about that survey i filled-out years ago which left me with the continuing personal image of myself as such. I strongly consider myself a liberal anarchist, till the end.

  2. Anonymous said

    bollocks to that

    Obama is not a marxist, i only wish he was!
    Anarcho-Communism is Liberty, and the ultimate fulfilment of the American Dream, Liberals are not capitalists if they think that we should live without the chains of capitalism holding us down.

    America SHOULD fly the flag because you stand for Liberty and Equality

    Peace Comrades

    • rightwinger said

      Why don’t you move to a communist country like Cuba or China.

      • Aleksandr said

        Because those aren’t anarcho-communist countries, cuba is a Leninist-Marxist countries, and china is a mixed economy. They hold an ideology of a strong central government as well, which directly opposes anarchism. Sounds like you’re opposing something you know noting about, which a poor, ignorant action.

  3. Right-Left-WTF-DOES-MATTER said

    First, those countries are run by “STATE” communism (Cuba, China).. Again, “STATE” communism.. Again, if you didn’t catch it yet…. “STATE”.. Again, STATE, STATE, STATE, STATE, STATE, STATE, STATE communism.. That means the few privileged rulers are running the country.. Not the people… If power is given to the bottom where we can rule then possibly this truly will be a different world. Instead we have idiots like you who regurgitate your information.

    I am not beating you up.. I am just asking you as a “INDIVIDUAL” to learn to use your brain and analyze the information before making retarded comments.. You are your own master dude.. You don’t need to follow other idiots to form your ideology.. Think with you own mind.. It is truly liberating to liberate yourself and think independently outside of others..


  4. You nailed it said

    You couldn’t be more right. Obama, who voluntarily sought a state position with control of an imperial-corporate army, is obviously an anarchist. Obama, whose first act in office was to hand out hundreds of billions of dollars in free money to employers (NOT social programs), is clearly a Marxist.

    Or maybe you’re just invoking concepts that you don’t comprehend.

  5. kropotkin said

    Thats asinine and paranoid. First off anarcho-communism is liberty. Pure liberty. Free from your capitalist constraints which you justify with nationalism. Look at the war in iraq, its about oil and you morons say “they’re fighting for our country”. Obama is not a communist, He is a nationalistic capitalist, just like you. I don’t need to speak to you anymore, , My comrades have done enough. Death to capitalism! Death to authority! Death to nationalism!

  6. Capitalism is a disease said

    Ok, just because Michelle Obama is wearing red and black does not mean that she is wearing the Anarchist Communist flag. Obama is a president, how could he be an anarchist?? Whoever posted that is spreading silly propaganda. They are total stateist and they are capitalist.

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