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Reflections on what went wrong for the GOP

Posted by rightwinger on November 6, 2008

Awesome write up from America’s Right:

The right thing to do would have been to vote against the bailout, rail against the bailout, flood the airwaves with effective advertising about Obama’s radical left stance on infanticide, about his socialism-inspired hope to bankrupt the coal industry, about his Marxist perspective as it relates to Joe the Plumber and small and large businesses everywhere. About his laissez-faire approach to foreign policy and those who wake up each and every day dreaming of our destruction and demise.

Instead, the GOP went moderate. It facilitated a mentality that we must expand the pie, build a bigger tent, seduce those in the middle and even those on the left. This new approach doesn’t work. Moving to the center doesn’t work. In an election, we need that yin and yang that Ronald Reagan spoke about, that vast difference between candidates in every single respect. Opposing a socialist? Don’t vote for the bailout and for the socialization of losses despite the continued privatization of gains. Opposing a man who will tank the economy? Stop talking about cap-and-trade legislation, about reaching across the aisle – and when the democrats in Congress have ruined the housing and credit markets, don’t blame it on corporate greed.

Read the article for yourself.


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