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Communists out of the Closet???

Posted by rightwinger on November 6, 2008

I guess the Communists are coming out of the closet now that a Marxist has been elected President.01125109par89380imagefile

I’ve got a picture of these hordes outside the White House carrying a Soviet flag.  There’s a picture of the Soviet flag, and I was hoping, I was hoping these hordes would storm the White House grounds.  I know it’s not possible with all the security they got there, but I was hoping these Obama hordes would somehow storm the White House fence.  That would have been so cool.  But, of course, it didn’t happen out there. (interruption) I saw all that, Snerdley, they had “Convict Bush Now,” they had the Soviet flag out there and the media was loving all this because, “Bush probably can’t sleep.”  This was one o’clock in the morning or some such thing, “Oh, wow, this is exciting, the first family is not going to be able to sleep here tonight with all these people out there. ‘Convict Bush Now,’ and the Soviet flag out there.”  But these big crowds here, folks, there’s something about this beyond marketing and packaging.  Let’s go to these two sound bites.  The reverb last night, the reverb last night was more reverb than I have ever heard.  Here are the two sound bites, already campaigning for a second term, Barack Obama last night, Grant Park, Chicago.


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