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Obama’s Connections to Islamic Terrorists

Posted by rightwinger on November 4, 2008

This from Daniel J. Pipes web blog. Everything listed is well documented and factual. We are about to elect a cipher to the Presidency of the United States who is bought and paid for by Islamic terrorist organizations. Yes I think BHO will fundamentally change this country into something our forefathers never dreamed of. For all of you people who are afraid of Sarah Palin, I ask you doesn’t it scare you Obama is taking money from Islamic terrorist front organizations??? What is being asked in return for these lovely donations??? This is the sell out of our country.

From the perspective of a Middle East & Islam specialist, the just-concluding U.S. presidential election is extraordinary for the outsized role of one’s subject area. Consider some of the topics:

  • Barack Obama’s birth and youth as a Muslim, a fact that he completely denies (“I’ve always been a Christian,” “I have never been a Muslim”).
  • Obama’s networking with extremist Islamic groups, including the Nation of Islam and such organizations as the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the North American Islamic Trust, the Muslim Alliance in North America, and the Muslim American Society.
  • Obama’s indirect connection to Saddam Hussein via two corrupt Middle East businessmen living in the West, Nadhmi Auchi and Antoin S. “Tony” Rezko.
  • Obama’s ties to Ali Abunimah, the Palestinian extremist who praised Obama as “progressive, intelligent and charismatic” and as someone who “used to be very comfortable speaking up for and being associated with Palestinian rights and opposing the Israeli occupation.” But, Abunimah bemoaned the fact that his once-state senator, on aspiring to higher office, cynically “learned to love Israel.”
  • Michelle Obama’s Internet “friend” relationship with Hatem El-Hady, former chairman of “Kindhearts,” an Islamic so-called charity shuttered for funding terrorism.
  • Obama’s friendship with Rashid Khalidi, the PLO official now teaching at Columbia University, as well as Obama’s apparently vicious anti-Israel remarks at Khalidi’s Chicago farewell party in 2003.

In this context, yet another connection, documented at, may not come as a great surprise, but it nonetheless remains shocking: William Ayers, Obama’s close associate at the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, dedicated the 1974 terrorist manifesto he co-authored, Prairie Fire: The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism, to (among others) Sirhan Sirhan, Robert F. Kennedy’s Jordanian assassin.Comment: Other than Obama’s lies about his childhood religion, which cast doubt about his character, all the other connections establish the radical circles he frequented during his Chicago years, associations he is trying hard – and with apparent success – to keep from the attention of just enough voters until after election day. (November 2, 2008)


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