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Please Obama at least wait until all Americans have a chance to vote before declaring victory

Posted by rightwinger on November 1, 2008

Great Obama is already claiming his win!!!  He says he may offer McCain a position in his administration.  Please Obama you keep telling us the election is over.  Its not over until its over.  Wait until Nov. 4th before you declare your victory.  I’m really sick of your arrogance.  At least give Americans a chance to vote.  This is still a democracy, right???  At least until you get elected, create you military brigade, and infuse ACORN with millions so they can steal the next election!

“Well, I will tell you what,” Obama said. “I would certainly consider any position for John McCain where I thought he was going to be the best person for our country.”

Read the full article for yourself.


One Response to “Please Obama at least wait until all Americans have a chance to vote before declaring victory”

  1. dsq said

    Obama could not be an agent for the FBI because he could not obtain high level security clearance with his background. Why then are you people voting for this man as President of the US? You have to be insane! Think about what you are doing!
    McCain/Palin 2008

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