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Palin vs. Obama?

Posted by rightwinger on October 31, 2008

Even a journalist from Canada can see that Palin has more cred than Obama.  Its too bad so many Americans refuse to look past the MSM and do more research.  Palin is awesome if you just do some research.

Even within politics, the contrast between, say, Ms. Palin and Mr. Obama is instructive. Ms. Palin rose in Alaskan politics through a series of fights, in each of which she took on vested interests, starting with her local school board, and ending with her own party’s old-boy network in Juneau. She had to fall back on her own personal resources — and I mean psychic, not financial, for she had to raise her own money, too — all along the way. She has grit, but with this grit, she was acquiring firsthand experience of how politics enters the lives of people who are not essentially political; who raise families, and work for their livings.

Whereas, Mr. Obama was from his political beginnings the darling of a Chicago political machine, notorious for both corruption, and harbouring radicals. His very smoothness and articulacy, even his blackness, made him their golden boy, assuring him of financial patronage along his way.

This has practical consequences. I am not saying that Mr. Obama is himself corrupt or even radical; only that he is smooth.

Now, who can imagine him having the desire, or, should he find the desire, also finding the will, to stand up to a spendthrift and intrusive Congress? Or, making appointments that require political imagination and nerve? (Consider the Joe he chose as running mate.) Let alone, facing down America’s mortal enemies abroad, when the way forward cannot possibly be along the path of least resistance?

Whereas, I can easily imagine Ms. Palin digging in her formidable heels, and the only question — a fair one, mind — is, does she know enough about the mechanics of Washington and world affairs? (And to be even more fair: does Mr. Obama?)

For that, as on the campaign trail, she has shown herself to be a very quick learner, with sound gut instincts. She is no radical, notwithstanding left media efforts to paint her that way; her outlook is mild Reaganite — ranging from right towards centre. She wears her allegiances on her sleeve.

By comparison, as a reading of his memoir-manifesto, The Audacity of Hope, will confirm, Mr. Obama’s outlook does not range from left towards centre, but rather, from left into defensively impenetrable. As we have seen through the campaign, every solution he proposes involves additional government spending, and additional intrusion into private lives. It is the natural mindset of a person who has himself lived (except for the royalties from his books) entirely on taxpayer or political subsidy.

“Caribou Barbie” can famously field-dress a moose; the man whom no one dares to nickname in public tells you to keep the tires on your car properly inflated, while he “spreads the wealth around.”

Is this an unfair comparison? No, because one could patiently muster a hundred more such juxtapositions, in which the contrast is between trust in government, and trust in life. And the clue to these contrasts comes, consistently, from the candidates’ very different backgrounds.

Read the full article for yourself.


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