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October 29th Obama Infomercial to air across US

Posted by rightwinger on October 26, 2008

Please turn off your television’s from 8:00-8:30 EST on October 29th to show the networks we don’t approve of Obama’s infomercial. I got this from the P.U.M.A. site.  Obama’s arrogance is sickening.  He is already building the stage for his acceptance speech.  He is putting his cabinet together.  He is acting as if he has already won when the election is not over yet!!!  I hope the PUMA’s pounce and bring in a surprise win for McCain/Palin.

On October 29th, from 8:00PM or just prior to that, TURN OFF YOUR TELEVISION SETS.
This is the time slot Obama has “PAID” for as an INFORMERCIAL to be broadcast to Americans.


From 8:00 PM to 8:30 PM, Americans should TURN OFF THEIR TV’s during that 1/2 hour, it will send a message to the networks that we do not approve of “Obama’s message.”

Make this go viral on the internet too, get the word out.


6 Responses to “October 29th Obama Infomercial to air across US”

  1. Ted said

    Whatever. You are LAME. I’m glad to see that Obama is using my donation to inform the independent voters that he will bring real change to our country.

  2. Michael McGonagle said

    Quit being such a crybaby. You’re giving conservatives a bad name. Either accept that money talks like the Republican party keeps trying to drill into America, or admit that you’re a “socialist” who can’t handle the fact that someone can buy time on television even if you don’t like them.

  3. Bobbie said

    I don’t see a problem with it. It is free market and freedom of speech society so he should be able to buy time wherever he wants to. I’d rather see Obama ot TV then have our principles of freedom of speech destroyed. You know what they say: ” I may not like what you have to say. but I will fight for your right to say it”.


  4. rightwinger said

    Whatever. Let Obama have his stupid infomercial. You know what if I hear one more lib talk about the fairness doctrine, I’ll be like oh really? What about Obama’s little infomercial. I saw some lib site and they were whining about how Fox News is biased. I’m like what you have CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, and NPR. Give me a break all the conservatives have is Fox News and talk radio. Fairness hah until ALL these biased lib stations change don’t talk to me about fairness. If Obama wins it will be the Obama tv and radio network with children singing songs about him and nothing negative being reported. What does that sound like – oh yea the Baghdad radio and tv that Saddam Hussein had, and yes children would sing songs about him.

  5. Rich said

    oh my god…Why would the networks care if you boycotted Obama’s infomercial? They already received their money, and they don’t care if you watch it. That’s the equivalent of saying – “Let’s boycott the Carleton Sheets Infomercial”, or that new “Ab Machine”. If Mccain wants an infomercial he can have one. All he has to do is pay the money.

  6. Anonymous said

    hahahahaha…..turn off your tv between 8-8:30!! LOL im going to turn every tv in my house on to show my support! OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA

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