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Latest Al Qaeda Operative – MIT neuroscientist

Posted by rightwinger on September 20, 2008

With all of the election news and hubbub, you may have missed the latest al Qaeda indictment.  The threat from al Qaeda is very real.  She is an MIT educated neuroscientist who was carrying information about dirty bombs and a “mass casuality” attack in U.S. cities.  Intelligence sources are warning that al Qaeda is most likely going to attack again after the new president is in office in order to “test” them.


The Justice Department indicted alleged al Qaeda member Aafia Siddiqui in New York [on September 2, 2008]. According to the indictment, she was carrying handwritten notes on a “mass casualty attack” at the time of her arrest, including notes on chemical and radioactive dispersal devices (dirty bombs), along with photos of U.S. landmarks (a familiar-sounding list including the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty and more).

She was also carrying a thumb drive with “correspondence that referred to specific ‘cells’ and ‘attacks’ by certain ‘cells.’ Other documents referred to ‘enemies,’ including the United States, and discussed recruitment and training.”

The date of that arrest, as stated in the indictment, was July 17, 2008, despite numerous claims to the contrary. The government has, at this point in time, several non-prosecutorial options for dealing with prisoners. Given that it’s now fairly unusual to introduce al Qaeda suspects into the criminal justice system, it would be logical to play such cases strictly by the book.

Of course, we’ve seen some notable lapses in logic over the last seven years, so take that with a caveat. For instance, why introduce someone carrying detailed information about terrorist cells into the criminal system so swiftly, when other similar suspects have been detained for years of interrogation?

Read the NY Times article for more info.


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