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Palin on the Bush Doctrine, 9/11, and Pakistan

Posted by rightwinger on September 12, 2008

I use to like Charlie Gibson, but now no. He is obviously a left wing elitist.   If he were interviewing Obama he would have said what the Bush Doctrine is.   Just another example of how out of touch the elitist liberal media is. I have no respect for the MSM anymore. I am writing a book on a report that shows everything that Colin Powell said to the UN is true. Some liberal Clinton hack put no smoking gun on the first page of the report and no one read beyond this. Why? Because they got the narrative they wanted, so why investigate further. Any politician or media person saying that Iraq had nothing to do with the 93 and 9/11 WTC attacks is ignorant or lying. Anyone who says Iraq had no direct operational ties to al Qaeda is either ignorant or lying. I can’t wait until my book comes out:
The Link: The Secret Relationship Between Saddam and al Qaeda. I don’t blame Palin for not knowing the link of Iraq to al Qaeda and 9/11 because she was not in the US Congress at the time of invasion.  Any politician that was in the US Congress and saw the intelligence knows the truth.
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