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Sharia Law may be implemented in Britain

Posted by rightwinger on July 11, 2008

This is quite scary. I’m afraid Britain is definitely on the decline. How can they even think of bowing to sharia law? This would take this Western nation back to the seventh century. Believe me it won’t take long for the more extreme measures of sharia law to take effect. We are not only in a war against Islamic terrorists, but we are in a cultural War for our Western way of life. Sharia law is in direct violation to the Judeo-Christian values that our great nation is founded on. With the extreme that the US takes to keep God out of government, so much so that the manger scene can’t be on your town square. If they even think that sharia in any form would be accepted here in the US, they have another thing coming. Thank God for the liberty, justice, and freedom that we have. Thank God for the second Amendment so that we can take up arms to protect our life and liberty if need be.

Read the article for yourself.


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