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NC Congressman Robin Hayes

Posted by rightwinger on July 3, 2008

Finally some common sense. Congressman Robin Hayes is submitting legislation to increase oil and gas exploration and refineries in the US.

A significant problem we are facing this year is that our nation’s ability to refine oil into gasoline has been hurt by a number of outages. Some estimates indicate that our refining capacity is eight times worse than last year. The fact is, we haven’t built a new refinery in this country since the 1970s; however, we have lost several during that time. I have supported legislation that would expand the number of domestic refineries and actually construct a refinery for specifically for our military, HR 3893. Acute problems with our refining ability combined with a rapidly growing global demand for oil is only going to continue (not to mention the fact that 60% of the oil we consume comes from foreign sources). To properly address this problem, we need to take action on three fronts: more conservation and efficiency – more domestic exploration and production of oil and natural gas – and the development of more alternative fuels like ethanol and bio-diesel. As a member of the House Agriculture Committee, I am excited to say that we are going to include a significant energy component in the Farm Bill to help us develop these new alternative fuels, fuels can be grown right here at home – lessening our dependence on the Middle East and creating a new market for our farmers.


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