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Obama Wants You to Sell your SUV and Eat Less

Posted by rightwinger on May 21, 2008

What’s next how many kids you have??? Who is Obama to tell me I can’t drive an SUV or eat what I want. Instead of drilling in North Dakota, he wants to tell us what temperature we can set our A/C on.

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One Response to “Obama Wants You to Sell your SUV and Eat Less”

  1. […] Posted by rightwinger on August 4, 2008 I love this ad. It just shows how shallow Obama’s campaign is. I mean come on his energy policy is for you to inflate your tires and get an oil change? 75% of Americans want to drill and Obama says no! He doesn’t care if gas reaches $12 a gallon. You need to get rid of your SUVs and eat less! […]

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