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We should not negotiate with Terrorists

Posted by rightwinger on May 16, 2008

Wake up America! We can’t negotiate with terrorists.

From the Congressional Hearing: 9/11 Five Years Later: Gauging Islamist Terrorism (Serial No. 109–212)

You asked for a status report on all this, Mr. Chairman. I would just say that I think there have been some steps made in the right direction. I am encouraged by some of the statements coming out of the Administration, alas, very lately, about the character of the enemy and the nature of this ideological movement. But much, much more needs to be done. Specifically, I would suggest we need to get this country on a war footing, to mobilize it as we have in the past when we faced similar kinds of problems. We have to. And I commend Congressman Sherman for this. We have to bring coherence to this effort because whether it is the Khatami visit, or whether it is the notion that we can’t negotiate with the bin Ladens of the world, rightly so, but we can negotiate with their Shiia Islamofascist counterparts in Iran is crazy making and, I think, discredits our efforts.

It is imperative, moreover, that U.S. policy be coherent and that still is not always the case. For example, it was striking that, in his excellent speech before the Military Officers Association of America on September 5th, President Bush forcefully explained why it is not possible to appease or negotiate with Islamofascists like al Qaeda and its allies. He then proceeded to show convincingly that the behavior and ambitions of such Sunni extremists are shared by their Shia counterparts led by Iran. Yet, his State Department is actively promoting the notion that we can safely and successfully engage in negotiations with Islamofascists like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the ruling mullahs in Tehran.

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