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Global Warming takes a pause?

Posted by rightwinger on May 3, 2008

So global warming may stop temporarily? I thought temperatures were going up so fast that we were doomed. This global warming stuff is a joke. Come on the weather people can’t even predict the weather accurately 5 days out. Now they are saying it will cool until 2015 and then warm up. I won’t forget this and in 7 years we’ll revisit their prediction.

Read the full article for yourself.


One Response to “Global Warming takes a pause?”

  1. sid said

    I get it that the concern is about the long-term trends and whether they have predictive value, but it would be wise, I beleive, to acknowledge that something is going on in the short term, rather than say “Don’t look at these graphs. They mean nothing!” Unless, of course, you are willing to say, “Don’t look at those short-term arctic sea melt graphs. They mean nothing!”

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