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Oreilly interviews Hillary part 1

Posted by rightwinger on May 1, 2008

Hillary wants to take oil company profits!!! This is communistic. The record oil profits are actually 9%. I’ve talked about this before, but since many politicians don’t seem to know about basic economics and the free market, I’m posting it again. The uneducated masses are like yea without thinking this through.

If the government sets a precedence of taking oil profits, what’s next the pharmaceuticals industry? This would be a disaster for the US economy.

The government is going to take your profits if your business does well? If this is enacted, then the oil companies are likely to move their headquarters to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This is what happened with Haliburton. When Congress voted to make it virtually impossible to drill in the Gulf of Mexico, Haliburton moved their headquarters to the UAE. Read article about Halliburton headquarters moving out of the US.

The reality is the gas prices are based on supply and demand and the price of the dollar. This is basic economics. Of course OPEC has a determination on the price also, but their control has lessened as more oil has been found outside of the Middle East. The government has tied the oil companies hands in being able to drill and refine oil in the US. If the US would allow for the free market exploration, drilling, and refining of oil and gas, prices would be low. We should let the free market set the price, not the government. Wake up America and stop letting the left control our economy.

See the articles below to read more about the huge oil find 2 years ago in the Gulf of Mexico that Congress voted against.

Read the article about the huge oil find in the Gulf of Mexico.

Read about how Congress blocked drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

Now there is a huge oil find in North Dakota. Did Hillary even mention the North Dakota oil find? No, because she’s against drilling.

Read about the huge oil find in North Dakota.

What will Congress do with this one?

Hillary’s voting record:

  • ANWR Oil Drilling Amendment – To prevent consideration of drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in a fast-track budget reconciliation bill. 3/19/2003 Vote: Yes
  • Offshore Drilling in Virginia – Vote to pass an amendment that would allow the Governor of the state of Virginia to petition the Secretary of the Interior to allow for natural gas exploration and extraction at least fifty miles from the coastal zone. 6/14/2007 Vote: did not vote

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