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Global warming ideas based on ‘seriously flawed’ work

Posted by rightwinger on April 24, 2008

Read this report on seriously flawed work being used to influence State governments to make global warming taxes a reality.

The MCMAP report fails to perform the most basic task of any cost-benefit analysis – quantifying both the costs and benefits in monetary terms so that they can be directly compared. It also finds net economic savings from many policies intended to reduce greenhouse gasses, even without counting the value of those reduced emissions.
An examination of the cost-benefit analysis for four sample policy recommendations found the analysis to be seriously flawed. Despite the MCMAP claim that these four programs have a net benefit of more than $2.8 billion, we can find no sound scientific basis for their claim. MCMAP’s cost savings estimates are not just wildly optimistic; they are the product of a purely fictitious analysis. MCMAP’s cost (savings) estimates of other mitigation options suffer from similar problems causing their estimate of a $726 million cost to their overall package to grossly understate the true costs.

Read the full article for yourself.


One Response to “Global warming ideas based on ‘seriously flawed’ work”

  1. On Earth Day, I bought a new car.

    The good news is that, since my old car had been running for a good 6 months with the “Check engine” light on, I’m probably fouling the air less than I was the day before.

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