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Obama and Reparations

Posted by rightwinger on April 22, 2008

When Obama gave his monumental race speech, it left me wondering is Obama for reparations?

It is not enough to give health care to the sick, or jobs to the jobless, or education to our children. But it is where we start. It is where our union grows stronger.

An article on the AIM web site states:

In 2001, Obama’s Trinity United Church of Christ passed a resolution declaring that:

  • “WHEREAS: The institution of Slavery is internationally recognized as crime for which there is no statute of limitations, AND
  • WHEREAS: Uncompensated labor was demanded from enslaved Africans and their descendants for more than two centuries on U.S. soil; AND
  • WHEREAS: The principle that reparations is the appropriate remedy whenever government unjustly abrogates the rights of a domestic group or foreign people whose rights such government is obligated to protect or uphold has been internationally recognized…”

Another interesting fact is that:

The Chicago City Council had become the fourth major city to pass a resolution calling for reparations.

Read the article for yourself: obama-and-the-drive-for-slavery-reparations


One Response to “Obama and Reparations”

  1. James said

    So, why are you wondering whether Obama is for reparations?

    He’s said that he’s not, and in fact, he’s never supported them.

    Are you wondering the same thing about Clinton? McCain? Have you asked what the major city councils in *their* states think? Does it matter whether *their* churches have passed similar resolutions, merely mentioning that governments around the world have offered reparations for historical wrongs?

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