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The Truth About Global Warming

Posted by rightwinger on April 10, 2008

Watch this video with the real story of Greenland and how it was at one time a lush tropical haven.  There is global warming, but it is not man made.  The climate naturally goes in cycles.


One Response to “The Truth About Global Warming”

  1. Pete said

    I have strong doubts about global warming, but am afraid to mention anything, because I tend to get shouted down. It seems funny to me that the ice ages that the mainstream media and science fiction predicted in the seventies never happened. What people seem to ignore about GW is that global climate change, if it happens, will be a fraction of a degree or one or two degrees. Yet, folks point to a swing of ten or fifteen degrees from one year to the next and act like that is the change we will have for good. Guess what. There have always been wild swings in odd years. It does not mean the ice caps are melting.

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