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The Pentagon Report

Posted by rightwinger on March 28, 2008

I plan on writing an article on the pentagon report on Saddam’s papers. There is so much information that ties Saddam actively to terrorist groups. Saddam was training, paying, and supporting terrorist actions both inside and outside of Iraq specifically against US and Israeli interests. What we do know is that Saddam issued hundreds of passports to known terrorists (p.19, p.27). He actively provided training for terrorists and financed terrorist actions. (p.21,p.27) To say Al-Qaeda was not in Iraq before the US invasion is an outright lie. Not surprising is the fact that the MSM has completely ignored this document other than stating there is no smoking gun. The preface states this, but there is so much in this document that should be front page news. The liberal bias of the MSM is again seen in the blatant suppressing of the information within this document.


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